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Citizen Lash is a do-it-yourself lash company designed by lash extension artists. Why does that matter? It matters because currently in the DIY lash market, the styles are limited within each package that you purchase, often with only 1-2 lengths per tray. With our innovative lash systems, you now have an unlimited number of options to choose from in one individual tray. The styles are endless.

To define them in lash artist terms, they are much like pre-made fans that can be made into custom designed strip lashes for daily wear. Each tray can be customized to your liking and can create 60+ full sets, making each full set of lashes cost as little as $0.66 cents per wear. 

Yes, you can reuse each set 10+ times! We suggest removing the set each night with Citizen Remover, rinse in warm soapy water (a dot of Johnson’s Baby Soap with warm water will wash the remover off of the lashes) and reuse as many times as you like.

We suggest removing the extensions nightly and reapplying them each day, however, Connection adhesive is made to last. With the use of Connection, the extensions can last for 2-5 days without removal. To ensure long lasting wear, avoid touching the lashes often or using oils or creams around the eyes while wearing them. 

They are very easy and fast to apply, however, the first few times you use them can take a little getting used to. We recommend setting aside about 30-45 minutes your first time using our system so you can follow along with our tutorials and get used to the application process. Within just a few practice rounds you will likely apply the set in 10 minutes or less. 

Curious about the application process? Check out our application tutorial on Youtube 

Citizen is water-resistant but not waterproof. For those wishing to go swimming or get their Citizen Lashes wet, be sure to skip the mascara application step and ensure the lashes have been applied to cleansed (oil-free), rinsed, dry natural lashes with a little extra Connection adhesive than you would normally use. Also, avoid rubbing the eyes when they are wet, instead, pat dry.

  1. Style Versatility - strip lashes are pre-designed to create one lash look that stretches across the entire eye but with Citizen lash, multiple small clusters of lashes create the lash look. This makes it possible to mix and match different lengths/curls and densities to design any look you choose, on command. Each Citizen lash tray comes equipped with multiple lengths so you can be your own lash designer and switch up the shape/level of drama anytime you like. 

  2. Comfort Level - A lot of people find strip lashes uncomfortable. Sometimes the corners feel pokey or will lift away from the lash line which can become irritating and require you to carry a glue around with you to do touch ups if the corners lift - DIY lashes do not do this! The lash clusters last for as long as you need them to while each individual Citizen Lash band is lightweight and flexible, hugging to your lash line with ease and no irritation.

  3. Easy Application- Citizen Lash clusters are quite small, making them easy to direct and place close to the lash line, in any unique shape of the eye. Strip lashes take much more practice and technique to get the entire length of the lash strip to cooperate and form to the shape of the eye. We understand everyone is not “one size fits all” but unique in their own way - Citizen lashes provide customizable comfort specially for you. 

  4. Lash Placement: Strip Lashes work best when placed on the top of the natural lash line which requires mascara and additional make up to be added in order to hide the distinction between the natural lashes and the lash strip band. The placement above the lashes also adds a level of drama to the look simply due to the height at which they are placed across the lash line. This often creates a more dramatic, less natural effect to your overall look. DIY lashes are easily able to be placed above or below the lash line. Below the lash line placement will hide the natural lashes, making additional make up possible but not 100% necessary. For added drama, you can add a DIY lash set to the bottom and top of the lash line to elevate the overall look! 

  5. Placement Versatility: With Strip lashes, you have to commit to the look you have chosen aka ‘you get what you get!’. Unless you cut the strip lash into chunks and create mini clusters from them, you have to commit to that one style and placement across the eye. With Citizen Lashes, you can add a little volume or drama to just a small section of the eye if desired. Example; if you want a small winged liner effect on the outer corner, you can place a few fans to lift and accentuate just the outer part of the eye without an awkward transition point. The clustered lashes can allow for a smooth transition of texture when creating your unique style of choice. 

  6. Lash Minis: Each Citizen Lash tray comes with mini lash fans that can be used to complete the set by filling in any small lash gaps or add a little extra darkness to the very small inner or outer corner sections.

  7. Placement Commitment: Each Citizen Lash fan is small so if you make a mistake, you can easily reposition the fan to a preferred location as opposed to placing strip lashes - The entire strip lash must be in position or you have to start all over again, sometimes resulting in glue getting stuck to the eyelid or coating the strip itself affecting the appearance of the lash.

Lash Application

Yes, you can place your lashes on the top or the bottom of your natural lashes. It really depends on your natural lash limitations and the look you are going for. 

Click here to watch a full length YouTube video with all the application steps and tips. 

Click here to watch a quick video all about Citizen Lash Minis. 

For the easiest and longest lasting application we suggest cleansing your natural lashes with an oil-free cleanser (we love lost artistry lash sensi-bath) followed by a deep rinse and dry before applying Citizen Lashes. 


Your lashes are likely placed improperly - either:

  • angled slightly so that they are not perfectly in line with the lash line
  • too far from the water line
  • too close to the water line. 

Click here to watch a video tutorial on quick troubleshooting tips.

Often when you get a tiny amount of glue in your eyes, it will go away after a few seconds of blinking. However, if a lot of glue gets in the eye and the eye continues to get irritated we suggest flushing with water and seek medical attention if symptoms worsen over time.

Love the set you got but wish they were a little darker? You can double up on the set or overlap the fans just slightly. 

  1. A little darker: Instead of sitting each fan directly beside one another, you can slightly overlap the tips of the fans. The result will be a slightly more bold effect.

  2. Double the darkness: Double up the entire lash set by placing another entire lash set directly over the first set you have applied OR above all of the lashes you have applied (on the top of your lash line instead of underneath). Don’t worry, it seems like it would be heavy but it is quite lightweight. 

Cleansing + Removal

We generally recommend removing your DIY lashes nightly to ensure your natural lashes stay healthy and clean beneath the lash set; however, if chosen, you can absolutely wear them for multiple consecutive days without removing them. If you prefer wearing them for more than one day, we suggest skipping the mascara application step we recommend in our application steps as this is meant to make removal easier each night. For a long lasting result, apply extensions to clean natural lashes and avoid applying creams or oils near the eyes immediately before application or while wearing the extensions. If one does pop off, you can re-glue and reapply. 

Click here to watch a video tutorial on DIY lash removal.

If you are wearing mascara under your DIY lashes and plan to remove your eye makeup without removing the lash set, avoid applying cleanser directly on the lash line and lash set. Instead, gently cleanse only the eyelid area. If the cleanser comes into contact with the mascara, it will likely remove the lash extension set.

If you are not wearing mascara with the DIY lashes, we suggest using the Citizen Daily Cleanser and a soft bristled brush to cleanse your lashes in a gentle downward motion, along with your entire eye area. Once cleansing is complete, gently splash water over the entire eye area to remove all cleanser from the lash line. Pat to dry (do not rub). If any lashes pop off during this process, simply reapply the loose lash fan with Connection glue. No need to remove the entire lash set and reapply, unless desired. 

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to wash your face while wearing DIY lashes.

As long as you make sure to store your glue with the lid tightly sealed and away from extreme temperatures, it should last 6+ months unopened and 3+ months once opened.