DIY lash cleanser for daily cleansing while wearing temporary lash extensions
Daily Lash Cleanser
Daily Lash Cleanser
Daily Lash Cleanser

Citizen Lash

Daily Lash Cleanser

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Removes daily oils, dust, debris and makeup. A daily cleanser is a must-have product for DIY lash lovers. Our multi-purpose Daily Lash Cleanser is ideal for prepping the natural lashes pre-application and as a daily cleanse when wearing lashes for multiple days. It is very important to keep your lash line healthy and clean beneath your DIY eyelashes.

Citizen's Connection Glue is water resistant, making it possible to shower, cleanse, and even swim while wearing your DIY lash extensions. For those seeking multi-day wear, nightly cleansing with our Daily Lash Cleanser is crucial, as it is specifically formulated to clean the lash line without compromising the hold of your lash set. 

How To Use:

Apply product to a cleansing brush or lint-free applicator. Gently massage across eyelid and lash line. Rinse off with water. Gently pat eyes dry - do not rub.