1. Style Versatility - strip lashes are pre-designed to create one lash look that stretches across the entire eye but with Citizen lash, multiple small clusters of lashes create the lash look. This makes it possible to mix and match different lengths/curls and densities to design any look you choose, on command. Each Citizen lash tray comes equipped with multiple lengths so you can be your own lash designer and switch up the shape/level of drama anytime you like. 

  2. Comfort Level - A lot of people find strip lashes uncomfortable. Sometimes the corners feel pokey or will lift away from the lash line which can become irritating and require you to carry a glue around with you to do touch ups if the corners lift - DIY lashes do not do this! The lash clusters last for as long as you need them to while each individual Citizen Lash band is lightweight and flexible, hugging to your lash line with ease and no irritation.

  3. Easy Application- Citizen Lash clusters are quite small, making them easy to direct and place close to the lash line, in any unique shape of the eye. Strip lashes take much more practice and technique to get the entire length of the lash strip to cooperate and form to the shape of the eye. We understand everyone is not “one size fits all” but unique in their own way - Citizen lashes provide customizable comfort specially for you. 

  4. Lash Placement: Strip Lashes work best when placed on the top of the natural lash line which requires mascara and additional make up to be added in order to hide the distinction between the natural lashes and the lash strip band. The placement above the lashes also adds a level of drama to the look simply due to the height at which they are placed across the lash line. This often creates a more dramatic, less natural effect to your overall look. DIY lashes are easily able to be placed above or below the lash line. Below the lash line placement will hide the natural lashes, making additional make up possible but not 100% necessary. For added drama, you can add a DIY lash set to the bottom and top of the lash line to elevate the overall look! 

  5. Placement Versatility: With Strip lashes, you have to commit to the look you have chosen aka ‘you get what you get!’. Unless you cut the strip lash into chunks and create mini clusters from them, you have to commit to that one style and placement across the eye. With Citizen Lashes, you can add a little volume or drama to just a small section of the eye if desired. Example; if you want a small winged liner effect on the outer corner, you can place a few fans to lift and accentuate just the outer part of the eye without an awkward transition point. The clustered lashes can allow for a smooth transition of texture when creating your unique style of choice. 

  6. Lash Minis: Each Citizen Lash tray comes with mini lash fans that can be used to complete the set by filling in any small lash gaps or add a little extra darkness to the very small inner or outer corner sections.

  7. Placement Commitment: Each Citizen Lash fan is small so if you make a mistake, you can easily reposition the fan to a preferred location as opposed to placing strip lashes - The entire strip lash must be in position or you have to start all over again, sometimes resulting in glue getting stuck to the eyelid or coating the strip itself affecting the appearance of the lash.