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Citizen Lash

I'll Take It All

I'll Take It All

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Here is our full Citizen Essentials Kit - everything you need to successfully apply, remove and modify your lash look from start to finish


  • One Lash Tray of your Choice

  • One Connection Adhesive

  • One Lash Remover

  • One pack of Lint-Free Applicators (for removal) 

  • One pair Mini Scissors (to modify your lash fans)

  • One DIY Tweezer

  • Tweezers
  • Glue
  • Remover
  • Scissors
  • Tweezer Cleaner
  • Lint Free Applicator

How to use

Apply a thin coat of mascara to your natural lashes

1. Without the use of mascara, Connection adhesive is strong enough to last for several days. However, for hygienic purposes, we do recommend removing your lashes each night. Mascara creates a barrier between the natural lashes and fans, making removal easier.

Apply adhesive

2. While the fan you intend to apply is still in the tray, lightly coat the entire exposed base with adhesive. We suggest starting on the inner or outer corner, working towards the opposite corner.

Pick up the fan

3. Sandwich the fan between the tweezer tips. Use pressure to grip the fan and gently lift it off the strip.

Prepare for placement

4. The goal is to line the fan up perfectly with your waterline. In order to get the proper angle for placement, you may have to adjust the fan within your tweezers. There is no right or wrong placement technique, but some people find it helpful to grip just the tips of the fan in order to easily manipulate its direction.

Place the fan

5. While looking in a mirror, tilt your head back or lift your eyelid to expose your upper waterline. Gently place the fan on the underside of your natural lashes, as close to the waterline as possible, without touching it.

Note: Mastering placement requires tricks that are best explained visually. Make sure to check your welcome email or reach out to us via email or Instagram DM for a link to our application tutorial.

Secure the bond

6. Once you are happy with your placement, secure the bond by gently pushing each fan into the natural lash using your tweezers or fingers.


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