Basics Bundle DIY lash extension with temporary lashes, DIY lash tweezers and DIY lash glue

Citizen Lash


Sale price$92.00 USD

  • Tweezers
  • Glue
  • Remover

Let Us Style You

You’re new to the Citizen Lash system and want the basic essentials to get you started. Here is exactly what you need to successfully apply your lashes. 


  • One Connection Adhesive
  • One Lash Tray of your Choice (Up to 120 uses per tray)
  • One Bottle of Remover
  • One DIY Lash Tweezer


DIY eyelash extensions (also known as temporary lashes, semi-permanent or false lashes) are individual lash clusters that are easily applied one by one to the under or upper side of the natural lash line with a semi-permanent adhesive. The Citizen DIY Lash system helps to create longer, fuller looking lashes that will last up to 5 days without removal. To apply an entire lash set, place anywhere from 2-6+ lash clusters to each eye. Each lash set is reusable up to 10+ times and the learning curve for DIY lashes is not extensive, anyone can do it.