DIY Variety Lash Pack
DIY Variety Lash Pack
DIY Variety Lash Pack
DIY Variety Lash Pack
DIY Variety Lash Pack

Citizen Lash

DIY Variety Lash Pack

Sale price$23.00 USD

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Let Us Style You

The DIY Citizen Lash Variety Pack is the perfect budget friendly sampler to get a feel for our styles without breaking the bank. Whether you're a devotee of natural lash looks or crave a dash of dramatic flair, we've created variety packs tailored to your desires. For those who want to try them all, we recommend combining our Natural Lash Lovers and Dramatic Lash Lovers variety packs to access all of our exclusive styles.

The variety pack contains three different styles. The Citizen Lash system helps to create longer, fuller looking lashes that will last up to 5 days without removal. To apply an entire lash set, place anywhere from 2-6+ lash clusters to each eye. Each lash set is reusable up to 10+ times and the learning curve for DIY lashes is not extensive, anyone can do it.


Natural Lash Lovers variety pack contains:

  • Most Natural
  • Natural Shape
  • Moderate Cat Eye


Dramatic Lash Lovers variety pack contains:

  • Textured Cat Eye
  • Long Length Low Density
  • Dramatic Open Eye